Sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Human Rights Education Advisory and Resources Center aims to protect students’ rights in education and to facilitate the studies of human rights in order to increase people’s awareness of mutual respect, tolerance and caring between different communities. The centre also promotes the cultural of human rights in education, engaging in the improvement of human rights policies, research of human rights education, development and evaluation of human rights education and the relevant trainings, networking and communication in area of human rights will be actively encouraged. Moreover, the centre will integrate all works mentioned above to link with theories and practices in order to provide resources for educators who works in human rights education.

Description on the work of the centre as below:

I、The research development of human rights education

1.To collect relevant researches and polices in area of human rights from advance countries.

2.To collect relevant resources and theories in area of human rights from domestic or intentionally, these resources include books, periodicals, thesis and other materials from journals and websites.

3.Gathering list of human rights experts in different fields.

4.To collect audio-visual aids that relevant to the study of human rights.

5.Pay attention on newest issues in areas of human rights education.

II、Integrating the resources for promoting human rights education

1.Gathering teaching resources or plans for human rights education, the topics are including moral education, human rights and rule of law.

2. Gathering information and regulations regarding the promotion of students’ rights.

III、Helping MOE promote human rights education

The Center will help to promote human rights activities that held by government or private agents in various ways.