Sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Human Rights Education Advisory and Resources Center aims to integrate the resources for facilitating the studies of human rights and promoting human rights education. A database of relevant human rights publications and teaching materials will be set up in this Center for public use, and networking among the human rights educators will be actively encouraged. The Center also attempts to deepen the linkage between theories and practice, providing the resources for NGOs to build up their theoretical knowledge and, the most importantly, translating their practical experiences into the materials for human rights education.

I、Setting up the Database for Human Rights Education

A web-based database for human rights education will be set up as the first step. Information regarding books, periodicals, teaching materials and audio-visual aids can be obtained on the website. For the longer-term plan, we will build up a human rights library open to the academic community and the public. Besides, the Center will cooperate with international academic institutions and NGOs such as the International Human Rights Education Consortium, the Asia-Pacific Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education and the HURIGHTS OSAKA in collecting the teaching materials and syllabi.

II、Integrating the resources for promoting human rights education

Drawing upon our resources at Chang Fo-Chuan Center for the Study of Human Rights, the Human Rights Program as well as the Consortium for the Education of Human Rights, Peace and Development, the Center aims at helping design a more comprehensive plan regarding human rights education in Taiwan.

III、Helping MOE promote human rights education

The Center will help MOE build up criterions for monitoring human rights education program in the local governments and schools.

IV、Professional Consultation

An open hotline and email address will be set up so that government officials, school and the public can easily consult with the Center regarding human rights education.